Maybe you’ve met Petit Puk through our signature product, our little rocking horseys! Maybe you’ve met us through our web shop, stocked with the some adorable, cutesy wootsy kidswear. So now, meet me! My name is Annemarie. Mother of 3,  currently expating in Warsaw, Poland and chief of staff of our family! Also handy-woman, with a deeply rooted love for fresh and crips kids attire and Dutchie to the core!! 

Petit Puk was born 4,5 years ago because I wanted to share my finds, creations & treasures with others on a larger platform. It started with the rocking horses, which I handcrafted and painted. Where? In our kitchen, living room, anywhere where the rest of the crowd would  let me have my 1 square meter. To be able to meet demand  we struck up a collaboration with a social workplace, here in the Netherlands. The result? An artisanal, handcrafted rocking horse made from high-quality birch wood and hand-spray painted in four fab colours. So, the good horsey has a good story behind it as well! 

Gradually, the stables expanded. Shoes and outfits where added because I simply could not resist. I find my stock from all over the world, near and far. The common denominator always being the ‘Petit Puk-factor’: is it cute as can be, without being sickly sweet? Is it a tad bit quirky, fun and different? Is it sturdy and made of pure fabrics? If all the boxes are ticked, then Petit Puk stocks up!   

If you’re looking for that perfect gift, or an entire outfit, shoes to shirts; we’re open 24/7. Enjoy, have fun and browse away! If you need any assistance, just let us know via 


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